In Hong Kong, the proportion of elderly aged 65 and over has increased over the years, and was 17.9% in 2019. What will a city with more older people look like?

Urban edible gardens can help to make our city and its communities more age-friendly . By providing space and opportunities for the elderly to engage in gardening activities, the elderly can spend their time more meaningfully, learn new skills and interact with people from different age groups. Community edible gardens are also a space thereby promoting intergenerational bonding .

Here are some activities that can be held at edible spaces to cater to the needs and interests of the elderly, and promote intergenerational bonding.

Old people gardening


1. Health

  • Eating food grown by oneself without chemical pesticides and fertilisers

  • Gardening as light and moderate physical activity 

  • Increased time spent in nature with fresh air and sunlight

2. Education

  • Learning new skills such as organic farming and composting 

  • Learning about concepts related to sustainability such as composting food waste and circular economy

3. Community Recreation

  • Taking part in gardening activities with others

  • Taking part in community activities like film screening, yoga sessions and live music concerts at the edible space

  • Turning an underused public space into a lively edible garden

  • Increasing green space in the city for everyone to enjoy

4. Urban Improvement