Urban Edible Spaces

Growing Food and Happiness in a Sustainable Community

About this Project

Photo of HKU Rooftop Farm teammates sowing seeds in a nursery tray.

Since 2013, HKU has been exploring the value and possibilities of urban edible spaces through research initiatives and by setting up our very own Rooftop Farm and Herb Garden on campus. Supported by the Knowledge Exchange (KE) Funding Scheme 2020/21, the “Urban Edible Spaces Initiative: Growing Food and Happiness in a Sustainable Community” aims to share our learnings to the greater community and to help other community groups set up similar initiatives to enjoy the social values that can be generated at edible spaces. 

Urban Edible Spaces
Online Toolkit

This toolkit is divided into 6 parts in which you will first understand the possible benefits that an urban edible space can bring about. Then you can go through the requirements and decide if you have access to a site that can be turned into an urban edible garden/farm. Whether you have a suitable site or not, you can find out what can be grown and how to grow at an urban edible space. Apart from growing food, many learning and workshops can happen at an edible site. Finally read about the three edible spaces at HKU as case studies. We hope this toolkit can spark off more similar projects and bring about the social benefits that we have experienced at HKU into the greater community. Click on the titles below to learn more.

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Illustration of sweet basil
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