Our Story

It all started with one of our teammate’s little dream six years ago - to grow our own food on campus. We got the support from the senior management, the expertise of professors including Matthew Pryor from the Department of Landscape Architecture, some sponsor and our vegetarian restaurant Bijas, and we pulled the project together. Back then, most of us know very little about farming, sometimes we water too much, sometimes too little, sometimes the bugs and birds eat up our vegetables, and sometimes we accidentally kill our plant. But mostly, we learn from our experience and from our mistakes. Throughout the years, we invited experts such as local organic farmers and permaculture practitioners to teach us and give us valuable advice. We began to understand that farming is not just farming, but design, management, problem-solving, creativity, perseverance. Most importantly, it connects us with food, with nature, and the community we live in. We still make mistakes, sometimes the edible spaces are a mess. But we are all in a learning process and we wish more of you will join this journey together.

Our Vision

Hand holding cherry tomatoes
1. Grow our own food, know our own food
  • We promote and practise sustainable organic farming that is good for our health and the environment

  • We adopt the permaculture ethics and design principles at our spaces. The permaculture ethics include i) care for the earth, ii) care for people and iii) return of surplus

  • We utilise our campus space as a testing ground for urban farming and innovative techniques to offer solutions for the potential food crisis due to rising global population and climate change

  • By growing our own food, we hope to raise awareness on the safety, health and nutritional factors of the food we eat

  • By growing our own food, we are more connected and grateful to nature, thus more conscious of the environmental impact of our choices and lifestyles

  • We encourage our community to transition to a more plant-based diet for health and for our environment

Harvest Lunch
2. From farm to table to community
  • We cook and share our harvest with the community, especially to those in need

  • We support local sustainable agriculture by providing platforms, such as Farmers’ Market and gatherings, to connect local farmers and our community

  • Through growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing food, we hope to nurture a community that shares the same concern on health, environment and our future

  • We see the campus as a living lab, we can test our ways to build a sustainable community that can be applied to the society as large

Student performing guitar at HKU Herb Garden
3. Feel better together
  • Through spending quality time with plants and insects, sun and rain, soil and water, as well as people in the community, we hope we can all find a sense of belonging and togetherness and enhance our physical and mental wellbeing

  • We work to make the edible spaces a relaxing and nourishing place for people and all living beings to learn, share and enjoy together