HKU Edible Spaces

Grow our own food

Most of us urban-dwellers never experience the joy of growing our own vegetables and become disconnected from our food. In a city that imports over 98% of its fresh vegetables, HKU edible spaces aim to bring the community closer to the nature and foster a sense of responsibility to our natural environment through organic and sustainable farming on campus. 

Our Vision

Grow our own food,
know our own food

We utilise campus space creatively to grow our own food in a sustainable way. We know our produce is free of dirty chemicals and are safe and healthy to eat.

From farm to table
to community

Our dedicated students chefs prepare our harvests and share the food we grow with our community. We also connect our community with local farmers to support local agriculture.

Feel better together

Through spending quality time with plants and insects, sun and rain, soil and water, as well as people in the community, we hope to improve our physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Spaces


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